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[Guide][Wartune 8.5] Optimizations


1.Reduced Blitz time for solo dungeons from 5 minutes to 1 minute.
2.Increased Stamina upper limit. Stamina potions are available at the Shop.
Extreme Stamina Potions are available at the [Hot!] panel in the Shop.
Increased the upper limit for Stamina restoration by using potions from 300 to 600.
3.Guild Siege
Cancelled the old 430+ level; added 430-490 level and 491+ level.
Guild can now sign up for Guild Siege halfway during the season, starting from prepare stage of 1st battle to the prepare stage of 7th battle. When signed up, the Guild will be able to join the next battle. However, disqualified Guilds will not be able to sign up again.
Removed 2 kinds of battle -  10v10 & 15v15. Now there is only 12v12 battle in Guild Seige.
Changed battle time to 05:00 - 23:00.  Added a new buff - Wardrum, a group status shared by all Guild members. Under this status, successful attacks and enchanted attacks reduce Defensive Node durability by 5 times. Reduces 1 Wardrum attempt every time a member successfully makes an attack or enchanted attack (Harass excluded).
Increased durability of Defensive Node.
Increased the attack power for Enhanced Attack.
Increased rewards for bye-battles.
Changed rewards for a Draw: in case of both parties' Defensive Nodes have been reduced to 0 HP and the battle reaches a draw, all winners can now receive an equal amount of rewards for Victory.
Fixed a bug where newly launched servers do not match with older servers in terms of seasonal arena data.
4.Adjusted the default material cost for Goddess upgrading to 1 item at a time.
5.Cuties V2.0
New feature - Cuties can now follow the character
New Cuties - 4-Star Cuties x4 with enhanced PATK/PDEF/MATK/MDEF on character and reduced PATK/PDEF/MATK/MDEF on enemy (coming soon).
Advanced Guild Skills for Imperial War will be replaced with Guild Siege Skills with the same skill level as before:
Insignia Bonus - players with Lvl. 10 Insignia Bonus can now receive Insignia +460 in Guild Siege
Honor Bonus - players with Lvl. 10 Honor Bonus can now receive Honor +460 in Guild Seige
Upgraded features for flight mounts.
New item - Flystone;
Players can now use Flystone x1 or spend a certain amount of Balens to enable land mount x1 to fly in Cloud City.
New item - Fashion Chest II Key
Players can now use Fashion Chest II Key x1 to open a Fashion Chest II without consuming the day's Fashion Chest II attempt.
The doubled Devotion
Added a "2x" button in the Devotion panel.

Players can now spend a certain amount of Balens to activate the 2x Devotion buff for 7-day, during which time their Daily Chest and Weekly Chest obtained through Devotion will be doubled. The doubled rewards will be distributed by mail.