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[Guide][Wartune 8.3] Optimizations


A.Cauldron v2.0 - New Formula Buffs released, significantly increases player rewards, check it out:

1.3 new materials: Dreamdust, Irontusk, Swiftplume.

2.6 new buff Formulas:




Note: The "Minecraft" buff will increase the rewards from Archaeology Dig and Astrology Dig in the Wilds, but will not increase the rewards from item Exchange in the Archaeology panel, will not increase Archaeology level up rewards, and nor will it affect the Astrology Wish, Zodiac, or Signs systems.


B.Increased Rage gain for Sylph Atoll, players now have an easier time summoning Sylph Atoll BOSS

 - Rage gain from defeating Angry Advanced Sylph increased from 2 to 5.

 - Rage gain from defeating Angry Sophisticated Sylph increased from 4 to 10.


C.Wheel of Fate rewards doubled


D.Class restrictions removed for Runes

 - Added a learnable Purification Rune for Mages, a learnable Purge Rune to Hunters, and a learnable Guardian Rune for Knights. The default set of learnable Runes for these classes remain unchanged.