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[Guide][Wartune 8.3] New Guild Altar



Once upon a time, the land of Gaia was protected by three deities. Altars were built to help people to not forget what the deities had done for them. Generation after generation, their devotion, submission and obedience have been passed down. Today, people still make devotions in the hope to get their blessings.





Guild - Guild Buildings - Altar


[Unlock Requirement]

Player is a member of the Guild and the Altar has been activated.


[Gameplay Info]



1.There are a total of 3 Deities to devote to in Guild Altar. Deity unlocks at Level 1, Level 4 and Level 7 Altar respectively. Each Deity is correlated to a different prize pool.

2.It takes Guild Contribution to Devote to a Level 1 Deity.

3.Devotion to a Level 4 or 7 Deity requires Guild Contribution as well as person Merit.

4.The default Deity is Level 1 Deity when player enters the Guild Altar. Player may choose a preferred Deity to devote to for free.

5. Click  to receive blessed items at ransom. Blessing fails upon insufficient Contribution or Merit.


VIP 4+ players have the privilege to enjoy   , which enables the player to perform the day's remaining blessings with 1 click on condition that they have enough Contribution and Merit.


1-Click Bless is based on how much Contribution or Merit the player possesses, and ceases when either one is insufficient to perform 1 blessing.

6.Blessing attempt increases with the upgrading of the Altar. Each level grants player with 3 more blessings. However, a player can bless no more than 30 times per day.

7.A Guild Master may use Guild Wealth to upgrade the Guild Altar. Guild Altar level cannot be higher than the Guild level.


[Blessing Items]

Level 1 Deity yields:

Bound Balens, Gold, Daru, Socketing Rod, Soul Crystal, Sylph Equipment Shard, EXP Scroll, Runestone, Sylph training items, Potions, Gems, etc.

Level 4 Deity yields:

Bound Balens, Gold, Daru, Sylph training items, Diamonds, Eudaemon Skill Scroll, etc.

Level 7 Deity yields:

Divinity SoulGold, Daru, Sylph training items, Divinity Soul, Runestone, Willpower Skill Scroll, etc.