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[Guide][Wartune 8.3] League Rumble



Monsters on the Yarama Continent seems to be less and less. The shadow loomed across people's minds for hundreds of years has also been dispelled. The empire is able to embrace the long lost peace once again. However, a true warrior knows there is no such thing as peace, only lulls between wars and raids and murders...

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League Rumble is a new game feature designed to replace Athena's War, an event to be retired when League Rumble is launched. It is suggested that players who possess Athena's Tear should exchange them as soon as possible.

League Rumble is a mode where players party up and contest cross server. It consists of 1 Preliminaries Round and 3 Ranking Rounds, each of which has 15 matches respectively.

Each season of League Rumble is 4 weeks in duration. When it comes to the 5th week, the next season begins.

Sign Up

Players with 1M+ Battle Rating may party up with others and ask their party lead to sign up at the event panel. Sign up fee is 300 Gold, which shall be paid by the party lead.

Time: First Monday (Preliminaries) from 00:00 to 2 hours before the fights when event begins. You'll see a "Sign Up" message on the entry icon.


Each match lasts a maximum of 170 seconds. For each match, if there is no winner within the battle time, then victory or defeat will be determined by total damage dealt. The party with higher total damage dealt wins.

Apart from regular fights, each party lead will carry a Point Chest (carrier can be changed by transferring party lead in matching room). If the chest carrier is not plundered when the match is over, the carrier's party will be able to earn additional points and rewards; otherwise, points and rewards go to the other party.

Point Rules

Preliminaries: All parties start with zero points. Win or lose, both parties will receive points. Party B. R. is calculated by adding the B. R. of each party member at the time when they sign up. Based on B. R., parties fall into 6 Tiers. The higher tier a party ranked, the more points it earns or loses in a match.



Players will be assorted to different tiers after the Preliminaries based on points rankings. Each tier consists of 16 parties.



Ranking Phase: +10 Points for victories; +0 Points for defeats; Parties in Bronze Tier will be matched against each other based on Preliminaries rules.

In Preliminaries, a party earns an additional of 10 Points if their Point Chest is not plundered; otherwise, the points go to the enemy party.

In Ranking Phase, a party earns an additional of 5 Points if their Point Chest is not plundered; otherwise, the points go to the opponent party.

Tier & Season Rewards

Rewards will be handed out and tiers will be re-arranged based on rankings when the 1st ranking round is over. After that, the 2nd round begins and then the 3rd round. Season rewards and final tier ranking rewards will be distributed when the 3rd round is over.

Tier Shift: The top 4 parties of each tier are upped to a higher tier and the last 4 parties are dropped to a lower tier, except that Master Tier parties can only be dropped and Bronze Tier parties can only be advanced.

Player will receive tier shift and reward results through a pop-up massage when they leave the room and go back to Cloud City after all battles are fought. Rewards are distributed by mail.




1.Wager opens at Monday 00:00 along with the 1st round of Ranking Phase. Player needs to place wagers on which party will place in a certain ranking randomly picked between No. 2 - 5 with Master or Diamond Tier.

2.Player needs to use Hailstones to make a wager. Only 100 - 50,000 Hailstones are acceptable.

3.If you have insufficient Hailstones, you can spend Balens to compensate the wager difference, where 1 Balen equates to 1 Hailstone.

4.All wagers, together with an initial pool of 3,000 Hailstones, go to the Prize Pool.

5.Wager results are based on battle rankings. A successful wager grants rewards from the Prize Pool in proportion to the wagers he has placed (no higher than 20 times). A failed wager receives all Hailstones placed. In case of a Balen wager, all Balens spent are returned in the form of Hailstones.


If there are a total of 10 players who make wagers, one of them places 10,000 Hailstones and the rest 1,000 Hailstones each, then the Prize Pool is 19,000 + 3,000 = 22,000 Hailstones.

If the player who placed 10,000 Hailstones wins, he earns himself 10,000/19,000 Hailstones, that is 52.63% of the Prize Pool. So he gets 22,000 * 52.63% = 11,578.9 Hailstones.

The other 9 players get what they placed in the first place, that is 1,000 Hailstones for each of them.


    Hailstones can be used to exchange for items in the Rumble Shop. However, the Hailstones gained from League Rumble expire on the same week after the end of League Rumble Finals Round (Sunday, 23:59:59), so don't hesitate to spend them.