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[Guide][Wartune 8.3] Game Hall



1.Entry Icon: NPC Angelina



2.Event Panel:









Legends tell of an ancient castle with brimming with treasure, guarded by a powerful, evil dragon. To protect this treasure, the evil dragon laid deadly traps around the castle. Will you be one of the lucky ones to traverse across the map filled with deadly contraptions, and obtain riches beyond imagination?

 [Unlock Requirement]

Minesweeper is for players after class advancement




[Gameplay Info]

1.This is a multi-player event that allows up to 4 players to join.

2.The Party Lead may create a room and may send invites to other members to join the party. Once all members in the room click Ready, the party may enter the stage together.

3.The dungeon is cleared when at least 1 player makes it to the final point.

4.The party and stage is snapshotted after entering, meaning can not receive help from an outside player.

5.Reward Attempt is consumed immediately upon starting the stage, each player's maximum Reward Attempts per day is 1, and resets daily at 0:00.

6.The Reward Attempt is consumed on the first challenge no matter the outcome, and when the Reward Attempt is at 0, players can still help others to try to pass the stage.


After consuming Reward Attempt, get these rewards after clearing the stage: Smelting Stone x25, Clothing Refinement Stone x15, Cast Stone x10, Sack of Gold x10.


Dimension Crisis


You should not be afraid of the god-like opponents that you face, but the weak and unreliable comrade by your side...Are you sure your team is strong enough to get you through the crisis?

1. Unlock Level: All players who have reached Lvl. 80.

2. Event Time: You may join Dimension Crisis multiple times a day, but you can only get a reward once per day.

3. Event Rule: A team of 4 players is required to join the event. The team lead can select a difficulty level and then start the dungeon. You will not be able to start the dungeon if there are less than 4 players in your team. Warning message you'll see when your team has less than 4 players:

4. Select dungeon difficulty level:




5. What shows up after selecting a difficulty level:




6. Meanwhile, other players except the team lead will receive a message requiring them to confirm whether they want to enter the dungeon. The dungeon will be started when all players confirm to enter.

[Gameplay Info]

1.1.Enter Dungeon



Dungeon Interface

1. After the dungeons starts, 4 players will randomly appear on 4 different Spawn Points out of a possible 6. The mini map on the right top of the screen shows the position of players and the final BOSS (the five-point star). In certain maps, the final BOSS will be hidden and players will need to find out where the BOSS is.



2. Each player starts with certain amount of Actions. The higher the dungeon difficulty, the less Actions provided, but the rewards will also be greater! When exploring the dungeon, players can only walk to adjacent point and this costs 1 Action point.

3. Random event occurs at each point. Random events including: encountering a Mini BOSS, receiving rewards (Actions, Energy Crystal, Chest, or Key), and empty points.

4. If players come across a chest or key event, a system message will shows that "Teammate XX has a found a Chest/Key. Go and find a Key/Treasure Chest to get the rewards."



5. Each player's current Actions and Energy Crystal they have found can be seen on the right side of the dungeon screen. See image below:



6. Progress bar of your Actions and Energy Crystals collected by all players can be seen on top of the dungeon screen.



7. Players will not be able to continue exploring once they run out of Actions. Each player has 1 attempt to buy Actions - 10% of dungeon rewards deducted in exchange of 10 Actions. Players can also use 20 Balens to offset the reward deduction. See image below:




1. When a player discovers a  Mini BOSS, other players can check the BOSS' battle rating through tips. See image below:

2. The player who's at the BOSS' position may directly challenge the BOSS (consumes 1 Action point) or invite other players to fight together. Players who accept invitation will be teleported to the position and this consumes a certain amount of Actions. If available Actions is insufficient, players cannot teleport to the enter battle.

3. Fighting different BOSSES will require either no Action or a fixed amount of Actions.

Final BOSS

1. The Final BOSS is in the middle of the map (at the five-point star). Teleporting to the position does not cost Actions.

2. Once having confirmed to challenge the final BOSS, all players enter battle immediately. See image below:



3. When the amount of Energy Crystals collected is not enough to challenge the final BOSS, this following message will pop up:



4. When there are sufficient Energy Crystals, players will be teleported to the position where the final BOSS is located. Players can click the "Attack" button to start the challenge. The following message pops up after clicking "Attack" button:




1.2.Final Rewards

1. When the challenge against the final BOSS ends, all players will return to the Cloud City and they will get a dungeon reward message:



2. Dungeon rewards are based on the dungeon difficulty:





3. Dungeon rewards are issued by mail: