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[Guide][Wartune 8.1] Goddesses


 [Wartune 8.1] Goddesses



Take arms and summon Goddesses to cleanse the evil that infest Demon Continent!






[Unlock Requirement]

Players can start the Goddess unlock quest after class advancement.

[Gameplay Info]





1. Summoning, and Goddesses: collect enough Goddess Shards to summon the respective Goddess. Click the   icon to activate the Goddess's protection;


2. Level Up: Use Wave Crystals to level up Goddesses and gain attributes which boost your main character.

3. Advance: Use Goddess Shards to advance the quality of your Goddess, and each advance has a Goddess level requirement that must be met.

4. Devotion: Use Prayer Scripts to raise the devotion level;





5. Skills: each Goddess has a different Blessing Skill and Dynamic Skill.

a. Dynamic Skills: are based on the Goddess' advance level, and they can be used whenever Faith is full. The higher the advance level, the higher the skill damage and the faster the Faith recovery.

b. Blessing Skills: are based on the Goddess' Devotion level; each Goddess has 5 Blessing skills, and each Devotion level unlocks a Blessing Skill which are used automatically in battle, they can be Buffs, or seals enemy Titan skills etc.

c. Goddesses do not take damage from enemies, and accompany the player in battle until victory.

[Obtaining Items]

Goddess Shards, Wave Crystals and Prayer Scripts required for the Goddess system can be obtained from Hot Events, and Demon Continent.