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[Guide][Wartune 7.7] Sky Trail - Possession Space



Do you still think of those adventures on the Sky Trail? Something new awaits you there and the time has come to return. Lords command their armies to battle it out to possess the Sky Trail. Take control of the realm and reap the Pennant rewards that await!


Clear the corresponding realms to enter Possession Space.

[Gameplay Info]

1. Possession: Complete exploration 100% and defeat the boss to enter Possession Space. Each Realm has 3 Possession Locations that give the same rewards. Players can only take one Possession Location and need to give up their current location if they wish to possess a new location. Players can receive possession rewards and will withdraw automatically after possessing a location for 5 hours.

2. Fight: Players may need to challenge the original holders to possess a location. No rewards will be received if a player loses a location to another player before meeting the required time period of possession.

[Possession Rankings]

1. This ranking is based on total possession time. Players who have a longer possession time will rank higher.

2. For players with the same amount of possession time, the player who has higher level clearance takes the priority.

3. Ranking data updates hourly. Daily data resets at midnight. Weekly data resets at 00:00 every Monday, at which point weekly rewards will be settled.

[Possession Rewards]

Possession Rewards are new items - Pennants. Realms with higher difficulties grant more Pennants.