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[Guide][Wartune] Summer Events


Wartune Summer Events



[Prologue] Summer is coming! The summer heat may upset you, but these summer events may ease that pain! Open chests for free and get nice rewards, defeat BOSSes to win big!



[Entry] The Summer Rave event icon can be found among the event icons on top of the screen.


[Unlock Requirement] Anyone may join


[Event Details]

1. Summer Passion

a) Panel:


b) Gameplay Info:

1) Free Chests: In the Summer Passion panel there are 7 chests of 7 different qualities. These chests can be opened for rewards. Better quality chests offer better rewards. Players can open a chest for free after certain amounts of time. After you open a chest, the system will randomly select the next chest to open (out of the 7 chests). Chances are that chests of higher quality may cost a few Balens and will need more time to open.

2) Direct Open: You may spend a few Balens (excluding Bound Balens) to directly open a chest.

3) Item Light-up & Reward: All items in a specific chest are gray when they're locked. When you open a chest (beer) and obtain a specific item, the icon for the item will be lit. When all items in a specific chest are lit, players will receive an extra chest seen on the right top of the panel. Rewards contained in the chest will be sent to players via mail. When the chest contains a rare item, the chest will have a question mark on it.

4) Progress Reward: The items you obtain will count in the progress bar on top of the Summer Passion panel. When the progress is full, you can open the chest by the bar. At the same time, the chest by the bar will be updated so that you can get better rewards next time you open the chest. Each level of chests can only be collected once. When the chest besides the bar reaches the highest level, the progress bar will not reset anymore.


2. Summer Gift

a) Panel:

b) Summer Gift includes both recharge and consumption events. You can collect fixed rewards for a certain number of days if you spend or recharge the required amount of Balens. You can only collect a day's rewards on that day. If you do not collect a specific day's rewards, you will miss those rewards and your remaining number of days to collect rewards will still be reduced by 1. If you haven't collected a few day's rewards during the event, the remaining rewards will be sent to you via mail after the event ends.


3. Summer Nonet

a) Entry: Summer Nonet event icon can be found among the event icons on top of the screen. You can click Summer Nonet to enter the map. You will not be able to enter again for a day once you exit the map.

b) Gameplay Info: There are 9 levels (maps) in Summer Nonet, each level guarded by 1 BOSS. 10 Ringleaders and 20 mobs will appear on each map. You must team up to defeat the BOSS. You can complete quests by defeating a certain number of mobs, receive Passes by defeating Ringleaders and earn bountiful rewards by defeating the BOSS. (Ringleaders and mobs will refresh 10 seconds after they are killed while BOSS will not refresh.)

A certain number of Passes will be required to enter the next level. Entering Lvl. 2 requires 2 Passes, Lvl. 3 - 3 Passes, etc. You will receive the previous level's rewards once you enter the next level.


4. Summon Summer BOSS

a) Event Panel:

b) Gameplay Info: Collect the 3 special summer event items from Summer Passion, Summer Gift and Summer Nonet to exchange for a Summer BOSS Card. Summer BOSS Cards can only be used in the Wilds to summon a special BOSS. The BOSS will appear on a random spot in the Wilds. You have to party up with your friends in order to defeat the BOSS. When a Summer BOSS is summoned, an announcement will appear in the world chat: "XX summoned a BOSS at XX, XX". The special BOSS may be Lvl. 80, 120, 160, 200 or 240. Rewards are based on the BOSS level. Higher level BOSSes offer more rewards.