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In Wartopia, players earn Personal Points and Server Points from defeating enemy players and NPCs as well as completing quests. At the end of the event, players are ranked by points and receive ranking rewards.

1. Unlock Level: All players who have finished class advancement.

Event Unlock Time: "Special holiday event: the first session unlocks on 8/19 2018 between 19:00 - 20:00" The event icon will appear 3 days before the unlock of the event;

2. Entry: Access Wartopia by clicking on the event icon which will flicker when the event is active.





3. Each 3 servers will be grouped and fight against each other.

4. Event Panel





When the event unlocks, the event panel will show the 3 servers that are battling against each other.

[Gameplay Info]

1. Enter Battleground





[Battleground Panel]

   - Players can enter the event 5 minutes before the start of the event.

   - Upon entering, players can fight enemy players or NPCs, as well as collect resources.

   - Players cannot enter the battleground 5 minutes before the end of the event.

 1. Quest System

   - There are 2 types of quests: Server Quests and Personal Quests.

   - Server Quests are for all players on a server to complete and when a Server Quest is finished, all players on the server can collect rewards.

   - Personal Quests are for individuals, and players can collect rewards as soon as they complete Personal Quests.





2. PVP

   - Players fight each other directly in 1V1 mode.

   - A character becomes grey once it dies and will respawn at the team's revive area.

   - Revive cooldown is 60 seconds each death.

   - Players may click the [Bless] button at the bottom right of the screen to spend Balens to bless teammates and thus boosting their attributes. See image below:





3. Resource Harvesting

   - Players can collect their own team's resources.

   - After clicking a resource a progress bar pops up, upon completion the resource follows the player around and slows their movement speed by 50%.

   - Submit resources by first transporting them to your team Lord's position.

   - Resources will be lost when a player dies during the transportation.

4. Challenging the BOSS Dragon

   - Players may attack the BOSS Dragon on the enemy's team.

   - After each challenge, the BOSS Dragon's HP will be deducted based on its HP lost in the battle.

   - When the BOSS Dragon's HP drops to 0, the dragon disappears and can't be revived. All players on that dragon's side will suffer a debuff which reduces their attributes. An announcement will pop up, declaring "[Team name]'s BOSS Dragon has been defeated".

5. Challenging the Lord

   - On the battleground, players may challenge an enemy team's Lord.

   - The Lord NPC is an avatar of the player with the highest Battle Rating on the server of that team.

   - After a successful challenge, that Lord disappears and starts a cooldown before reviving. All players on that Lord's side during this time will receive a debuff which reduces their attributes. An announcement will pop up, declaring that "[Player Name] from [Team Name] has defeated [Team Name]'s Lord".

   - The Lord takes 60 seconds to revive and gain +20% to attributes upon revive. Before the Lord revives, players on that server will not be able to Submit an enemy Idol. Debuffs on team members disappear as soon as their Lord revives.

6. Plunder Idol

   - On the battleground, players may plunder an enemy team's Idol.

   - A progress bar shows up when a player clicks on an enemy Lord. Once the progress is complete, the player will transform into a mount and will carry the enemy Idol at a -50% penalty to movement speed.

   - The player needs to carry an enemy Idol to the position of their own team's Lord to submit.

   - When a player dies during a transportation, the enemy Idol will return to its original position.

7. Reward System

   - Scoring killing streaks on enemy players will grant bonus points as reward, and trigger reward announcements.

   - The longer the killing streak, the more bonus points received. When an enemy player kills a player who's on a killing streak, that enemy player will receive a large amount of bonus points.

8. Kicked from AFK

   - Players who have been AFK for 5+ minutes will be kicked from Wartopia. But their rewards will still be distributed.

   - Players can choose to re-join Wartopia even after being kicked out.

[Event Settlement]

1. When the event ends, all players will be forced out of the map and a reward panel pops up.





2. Players will be ranked based on Personal Points and Server Points and receive ranking rewards. In addition, top 3 players get special titles.





3. Settlement rewards will be sent to players via mail. See images below:








4. After the end of the event, the event icon will disappear.

5. God's Mark Exchange. See image below:




 6. God's Mark is a time-limited item that can be used in the Wartopia Vault to exchange for other items. All God's Marks will be removed 7 days after the end of Wartopia.other items. All God's Marks will be removed 7 days after the end of Wartopia.