The brand new “Cloud City”:

Once reached Lvl.15, players can go to the Cloud City. There are seven functions in the Cloud City, Arena, Hall of Heroes, Bounty, Mystery Shop, Sylph and Daily Events. The players can enter the City or Cloud City by clicking the “City-Cloud City” button in the top right corner. What’s more, you can shield other players by clicking the button beside the small map. The players can click the others to check the detailed info and communicate..

The Map of Sylph Atoll:

Once reached Lvl.50, players can go to the Sylph Atoll to get Sylph, Sylph Sepulcrum and Sylph Essence. You can go to the NPC for exchange after you collected certain quantity of Sylph Essence.

Players can freely fight with each other in the Sylph Atoll. The loser will be kicked out forcedly and teleport back to the entrance of Sylph Atoll.

The brand new “Sylph System”

  1. Once reached Lvl.50, players will be able to activate the Sylph System to obtain the first Sylph by completing the task.

         The current Sylph in the game: Water Sylph-Iris、Wind Sylph-Pan.

  1. A player can have up to 6 Sylphs, and the Unbound Sylph will be turned to Bound after you make it combat. Actived Sylphs appear in battle next to the player, gaining EXP as the player does and non-activated Sylphs can be cultivated on the Farm to level up. When you engulf a Sylph, the devouring Sylph receives 50% of the dead Sylph’s total EXP, but Sylph level cannot exceed character level.
  2. The attributes of Sylph will be random after it was activated. It can obtain certain quantity of attributes, which depends on the growth of Sylph. Some Attributes Points can be freely distributed and reset.
  3. The quality of Sylph can be classified by their colors, like white, green, blue, purple and orange. The higher quality it is, the stronger Sylph will be. You can advance Sylph’s Quality, Growth, and the Current Value and the Upper Limit of each Attribute Growth by upgrade.

Sylph Arena:

          Once the hero reached Lvl.55, he can open the Sylph Arena

  1. Talk to the NPC in Cloud City to open the Sylph Arena interface

     2. Four leaders of Sylph, who has the strongest Combat Power in each team, will be  showed automatically in the interface and the names of their masters will be showed above the Sylph. Players can choose one of the four groups to PK.

     3. You can make 3 Sylphs to battle at most, and a Sylph can have up to 3 skills for battle.

     4. You can adjust the formation of Sylph in the interface which can be showed after clicking “Formation”.

     5. There are 10 bouts each day. Bouts will be reset at 24:00 every day.

     6. The Cooldown Time is 5 minutes and it is free for VIP to cool down.

During Battle:

  1. Players can’t control the Sylph in person.
  2. Each Sylph uses its skill according to each round.
  3. During Sylphs combat , the player whose VIP is Lvl.3+ can click “Finish” to skip the battle directly and see the results.

 The new currency: “Bound Balen”

      The voucher will be cancelled and it will be turned to Bound Balen as 20:1. You can obtain the Bound Balen via events , completing dungeon and Guild Altar . However, the Bound Balen can’t be used to Wheel of Fate, Alchemy, Daru Alchemy, and Class War Wagers. It can’t be used to buy VIP Card, Spirit Covenant and the hot items in Shop, either. Its other use is the same with the Unbound Balen.

New Function: Recovery System

Once your Stamina is beyond maximum(200) when you gain the daily restoring and you didn’t join World BOSS, even didn’t consume remain Attempts of Multiplayer Dungeon, Single Dungeon, Forgotten Catacombs, Bounty Quests, Arena(Party), The Spire, Levies and Tomented Necropolis yesterday, you can gain the related EXP/Gold/Daru/Insignia from the reminder of “Get EXP” in Daily Events. There are two kinds of Recovery, like Gold Recovery and Adv. Recovery. (Gold Recovery can’t be used in some fields.). Adv. Recovery needs to consume Signet Training to realize. There is no way to gain Signet Training yet and its related events are coming soon. If the players want to use Adv. Recovery, but have no Signet Training, they can use Balen instead. You can find the Gold, Daru, SP, EXP and Insignia according to the corresponding events, but you can’t get the drops of instances.Cancel Stand-in function in World Boss.

  • The Bulk Sale function of items in Inventory will be added.
  • The Pay Back function of Roses will be added.
  • The Blitz function of Tomented Necropolis will be added.

The Adv.Technologies which can be improved by Kyanites, will be added in Academy.