The opening of the new version of our game will bring you amazing new features, and one of them is adding the Sylphs System. It has a completely different appearance, bringing you not only new catching shapes, but also an amount of very special skills. What’s more, your upgrading will be more spectacular, as more mysterious features will be added to the Sylph.

How to get the Sylph

1, Once you reach Lvl.50, you will be able to get a Sylph.

2, You can also obtain stronger Sylphs in Sylph Atoll of Cloud City.


Sylphs appear in all battles using two kinds of performances.

1, Follow : It is similar to the soliders, but the difference is that Sylphs have no stance in the battle. They will use their skills only every two rounds.

2, Awakening: Sylph will merge with their masters and then their combat form will be drastically changed. Their Combat Skills will be completely replaced by the Awakening Skills and the attributes of both the character and the Sylph will be also appended.

3,Requirement of Sylph’s awakening: During battles,the awakening point will automatically increase with the lapse of time. Once it reaches a certain value, players can awake their Sylphs.

The gorgeous Combat Special Effects will come out with the awakening of the Sylphs and it will damage all your opponents in the battle.

How to cultivate your Sylph

1, Level up the Sylph:

Active Sylphs will gain EXP as their masters do in battles.

Sylphs can be cultivated in Farms to gain EXP;

Sylphs can engulf others to obtain EXP.

2, Reassign the attributes of Sylphs

Sylph can obtain a certain quantity of attributes, which depends on their growth, and some Attributes Points which can be freely distributed in each leveling up.

3, Increase Sylph’s Growth

Consuming Mahrato will increase your Sylph’s Quality and Growth. The upper limit for growth will also be increased.

4, Enchant Sylphs

Consume Sepulcrum to improve Sylph’s attribute Growth. After sacrificing your Sylph, it will disappear forever, but it will leave behind some Sepulcrum.

5, Learn Awakening Skill

Once reached the corresponding level, the Sylph will be able to learn the stronger Awakening Skill.


Sylph’s Guard in Farm: You can set up to guard your Farm.