The appearance of Sylph has brought vitality just like rebirth here. Sylph which has extraordinary Combat Power in Attributes and Combat Skills, are the indispensible power in the battlefield. Anyway, Whose Sylph will be the strongest? You can get the answer from Sylph Arena. Hurry up to take your Sylphs to compete with other players and enjoy the fun!

Required Level:

When the hero reached Lvl.55, he can open the Sylph Arena

How to combat:

1. Talk to the Sylph Arena NPC in Cloud City to open the Sylph Arena interface:

2. Four leaders of Sylph, who has the strongest Combat Power in each team, will be showed automatically in the interface and the nicknames of the masters will be showed above the Sylph. Players can choose one of the four groups to PK.

3.You can make 3 Sylphs to battle at most, and a Sylph can have up to 3 skills for battle. Click the Zoom to check the info of Sylph:

4. You can adjust the formation of Sylph in the interface which can be showed after clicking “Formation”.

5. There’s upper limit in the participation each day, and it is supposed to be 10 times temporarily. Times will be reset at 24:00 of each day.

6. The Cooldown Time is 5 minutes and it is free for VIP to speed up.

During Battle:

  1. Players can’t control the Sylph in person.
  2. Each Sylph uses its skill according to each round.

When the Sylph combats , the player whose VIP is Lvl.3+ can click “Finish” to end the battle directly and see the results.


Scores of Single Battle:No matter you are winner or loser, you can get scores after finishing a battle.

Single Battle Prizes:

Prize of winner: Sylph’s EXP= Sylph’s grade*2000

Prize of loser: Sylph’s EXP= Sylph’s grade*1000

(PS: Sylph level can’texceed character level. Once the Sylphs combated, they can get EXP as reward.)

Prize of Ranking:

You can obtain the Mahras, Sylph EXP Scrolls and any other rare items from Daily Prize.

You can obtain the Sepulcrums and other rare items from Weekly Prize. The leading ones in the Ranking can obtain Titles and remarkable buff.

Sylph PWR Ranking

The Sylph PWR Ranking has been added in the ranking list and it can record all the Sylphs’ ranks.

1,The refresh time of Sylph PWR Ranking and any other main rules are the same with other ranking lists.

2, You can check the name, type, the master of the Sylph and any other info in the Sylph PWR Ranking

3.Data of Sylph PWR Ranking shows the latest information of all Sylphs (combat or noncombat) of one player.

4,Click the Sylph PWR Ranking to check the Attributes of Sylph in the Tip interface.

5,The ranking of Sylph, your Sylph with highest Combat Power will be showed in the bottom of Sylph PWR Ranking.