Wartune is a 2.5D real-time RPG+Strategic browser game.

The game pictures apply the method of 3D render 2D so that

it can give all players outstanding visual joy. The initial version

would mainly develop around the castle and explore the side

quests as principal line. As the castellan, players fight against

the monsters through developing castle, recruiting troops. And

during the side quest exploration, players would also go through

different things such as pursue and attack, Fugitive or Squelch,

and finally become the king.

Following are the details of server 183 launch:

Server 183

Launch Time: 10:00 18th. Nov.2013.PST

To celebrate the launch of Server 183, Wartune team has already

prepared various activities in severs to help you to dominate

the ingame world. Wonderful activities, fantastic gifts are waiting for

your participation! Join us quickly and gain more surprises and friends!

More info here : New server open activities are waiting for you!