Dear players, thank you for all your support for Wartune! Recently, we have found that some cheaters are cheating other players in game. They claim that they can acquire game currency with lowest cost or sell various game items. Actually, they are embezzling other credit cards to have fraud transaction.

To prevent players from being cheateded and protect your account safety, Wartune hereby states and suggests:
1. Wartune is a fantasy RPG browser game free of charge, does not deduct game points by time.
2. Wartune has no relevant functions of items transaction, aution or presenting. So please don’t believe any lies such as “Give me some tip for exchange an outstanding equip”"Give me 10USD for 100USD-worth game coins”,ect.
3.Wartune VIP System is for providing players with services like VIP gift pack, EXP Plus,etc. The monthly fee is 7.99USD. To renew or not all depends on players themselves (The original holder of Credit Card/Paypal). Please don’t believe any cheating messages like “10USD for opening 3-months or 6-months VIP service”.
4.If you come across any players doubted as a cheater or someone is promoting “Cheap VIP service, Items, Recharge” for you or your friends, please report to us without hesitation. Because of your report, other players may avoid a great loss, and property of a holder of credit card can be protected. What’s the most important, is that you are stopping a criminal.
5.If you need VIP service or purchase game coins, please pay though official website. It’s the only pay channel.
6.We would provide various gift packs with different discounts. Please notice our promotion in game or forum.