Player A:  I need more gears but have no enough Balens.

Player B: My diposit ran out….

Player C: But I got free Balens today! Just a few click! It’s

easy for me?

Player A,B: really?

GM: Indeed. Here are the tips for you to get these balens.

Step 1

Click the Get Free Balens button on the Guide bar on the left side,

Enter the Recharge page.

Step 2

Then click the Get Free Gold on the top right of the page. Note that “Gold” here

refers to Balens.

Step 3

And then Click Token ads  icons, enter into a new page.

Step 4

Choose the amount you want, and then click the button above . After everythings finished,

Go back to your system interface to check your balens!

It s very easy, isn’t it?

Then go and have a try!