Mysterious Wartune wings have been finally unveiled and began their splendid

debut after 1.46 version update. We have previewed this new function not long

before the update in which we found your great enthusiasm on wings.

Now that wings have been available in the store for sometime, we prepared a

popularity contest of wartune wings on fb to see which wing you like the most.

In FB event Choost Wings and Get Wings,  four kinds of wings taken part into

the¬†contest and finally the blessed angel wings have¬†win the¬†contestÔľĀ

Players took part in this event passionately by votingÔľĆreplying and making

conmments.Finally 5 luckydogs got their wingsÔľĀ

Now lets just have a look at the result of this contest.

In this event (by 19th, Dec)we got totally 1132 replies, among them 536

effective votes. And the percentage of every wings of players like are as



From the chart we found many of our players are longing for angel wings especially

for Blessed Angel Wings.  Blessed Angel wings pocess a kind of purity and mystery

for which we suspected players like it.


And the Devined angel wings also seems to be popular among our

players. Look at the following picture, is it more of King style and


We collected more of players preference on the charactor styles through this

event. We are planning on more surprises in the future and sure to satisfy players

gaming demands most extensively.

By the way, mysterious Golden Wing will be available soon. Just keep your eyes

open for the chances to get it!