Dear Wartune players,


Hi! We are Wartune team. Here we have good news to share with you.


Proficient City, the solo operating agency of Wartune is about to attend

GDC held in San Fransisco on 25TH-29TH March, the booth No. is #933.

Select chocolates and presents are waiting for you there!


With the target of expanding our relationship network, we hope to know

more friends and insiders of the game industry through this involvement

in GDC, thus reach more potential cooperative partner on wartune and

other games from our cooperation.


Games Joined the Exhibition 1 ):



As the general operating agency of above games developed by 7Road,

Proficient City have been set up a relatively mature operating system w-

hich formed a strong network connected gaming development, operatin-

g function and customer service. We have confidence in doing better in

the future.

Games Joined the Exhibition 2 ):

Epicx,  Tiger(Code name)

Besides our operating team, we also have a strong developer team. T-

o continue and bring more gaming enjoyment, we have been planning

on a splendid issue of an air war RPG online game along with the gam-

e name in the second quarter of 2013. Please keep tuned!


Toni and Jay, staffs of our operating team, have prepared select prese-

nts which you can gain easily by participating following two activities.


 1. Suggestions on Wartune.  

You can share all your interesting and funny ideas on Wartune syste-

ms,Wartune Events and Future improvement.

 2.Name design on our brand new air war RPG game

If you have any good ideas on the name design of our coming new air

war RPG game, please kindly let us know! Game name should be at-

tractive and easy to remember. Come and show your strong creativity!

You can join us in the exhibition site to communicate with us face to fa-

ce or visit our official site and Facebook APP to keep track of the late-

st news on this grand event!