For general players, the most important thing is to make friends and to share the pleasure from game. Guild system in Wartune will provide such a stage for communication. You can experience the pleasure from building Guild together. With the development of the Guild, members can acquire abundant rewards.
In order to encourage the Guild’ members to communicate, considerate game open a guild chat channel. The members of the guild can exchange experience following their heart.
With the upgrade of the Guild, the level of Guild and Guild Territory will increase. Guild’ members can also enjoy the welfare of guild. Don’t forget to enhance Guild Skills.

When the Guild reach a certain level,some function building will appear.The present buildings are:
Guild Shop:through Contribution,player can acquire contribution here and buy something good that you can not buy from outside.
Guild Vaults:members of the Guild can store items here.Only members of Guild can use it.It will open when the president of Guild enchanc it.
Altar:palyer can use contribution to bless.Every bless will spend 20 contributions.You can acquire Coupons, gems,draug and so on.The level of Altar will influence Guild members’ bless limit every day.
Skill Tower:player can learn some unique skill of Guild which can make you better.