Let’s continue to cheer up for Munich Oktoberfest!!! You won’t forget the carnival in Munich if you have once been there for the Oktoberfest! And those who haven’t must be long for Oktoberfest! Wartune has brought the joy to you in October in game. Here let’s cheer up for the Oktober Fest Finale! Just use your gold to get wonderful beers!

1.[Events] Soul Engraving Rewards!

Duration: 10/25 – 11/2 23:59 PM

Server: Server 1-13

Description: Soul Engraving level top 10 will be rewarded. Visit our forums and post a screenshot of your Soul Engraving level, along with your character and server information. At the completion of this activity, the top 10 players with the highest Soul Engraving level will be handsomely rewarded!

Rank 1 – 200,000 Gold and 3,000,000 Daru
Rank 2 – 5: 150,000 Gold and 2,000,000 Daru
Rank 6 – 10: 100,000 Gold and 1,500,000 Daru

1. Each character may only redeem once.
2. Allow up to 5 business days for prizes to be sent after the completion of this activity.
3. If two players hold the same Soul Engraving level, the player who posted first will be rewarded.
4. All screenshots must be original and may not be altered or you will be disqualified.
5. The screenshot must contain clearly information.

2.[Events] Promo – Special Pack Sale

Duration: 10/29 – 11/1 23:59 PM
Server: Server 1-13

Description: Available for only a short period of time, select Gem Enhancement Packs will be on sale in the Shop!

[ Socketing Pack I]:
Socketing Rod x1 and Soul Crystal x10
Price:  175 Balens

[Socketing Pack II]:
Socketing Rod x2 and Soul Crystal x30
Price:358 Balens