Let’s share Wartune player experience now!

Depending on the level of your Wartune Barracks, you can hire different kinds of troops for your Hero. Below is a list of these troops information. Depending on how strong your Hero is, you can upgrade less of these units and save even more Darus for next tier. When you level up to the next tier, make sure that you upgrade you barracks high enough to unlock the stronger Wartune units.

Upgrading your troops become increasingly expensive in terms of Daru as you go up in level. Thus, it might be helpful when you are starting in a new server, to save up your Daru intead of upgrading the lower ranked units. Below I have listed some recommended

Level 0: Lancers – Level 3~5 because you can switch to Hunter almost right away.
Level 5: Hunters – Level 15~17
Level 20: Priest (Magic) – Skip because Paladin is better
Level 20: Paladins – Level 20~23, higher if your Hero is weak.
Level 30: Gryphons – Level 25~35 (wider range because depends on your Hero’s power). These units have stun skill.
Level 40: Knights – As high as possible. Great physical damage dealer with high defense.
Level 40: Angel (Magic) – Skip – Magic damage and has restore skill. But sacrifice a turn for healing. If you are a knight with high defense angel might be helpful, however I would simply focus the Daro to upgrade Knights instead.



Wartune Team