Now let’s share experience from our Wartune players.

There are mainly three methods of making your troops stronger in Wartune. The first is viaWartuneAcademyresearch upgrade. The second is through upgrading your Charisma rating. We will discuss both of these.

You can boost the various combat ability of your troops, as well as your hero. However, the basic idea is that you should upgrade the units based on their physical or magic type. Another reason why I like to skip on Priest and Angel is that I can focus all my Attack upgrade on physical attack.

The second way is to increase your charisma. Charisma affects troops counts which affect your troop’s health. The formula to calculate Wartune troop health is as followed:
Base HP x (Troop Count/200). Based on this formula, you double your troop’s health points for every 400 additional charisma that you can get.

The last way is to get enough Daro to upgrade your Wartune troops.

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